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Date Title
07/06/2023 Public Notice regarding Post Matric Scholarship ( Contact Number for Complaints)
01/11/2021 AICTE - Swanath Scholarship Scheme
07/12/2020 Regarding Dr B.R Ambedkar Scholarship Scheme and Portal
05/10/2020 Pragati Scholarship Scheme for Girl Students
05/10/2020 Shaksham Scholarship Scheme for Specially-Abled Students
26/02/2020 Regarding last date extension Dr. B.R Ambedkar scholarship portal 2019-20
23/12/2019 Regarding last date extension Dr. B.R Ambedkar scholarship portal 2019-20
03/12/2019 Updation the status of Institution on scholarship portal Punjab
15/12/2017 Scholarship Portal Letter dated 14.12.2017
22/11/2017 Information regarding Post Matric Scholarship
10/10/2017 List of Tehsils/ Institutes allotted to Nodal Officers - PMS
26/09/2017 Guidelines regarding PMS with effect from academic year 2017-18
19/01/2017 Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students (Centrally Sponsored Scheme)
30/08/2016 Corrigendum regarding OBC data for PMS Scholarship
23/08/2016 Post Matric Scholarship - Activity Schedule for 2016-17
07/08/2016 Implementation of Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for Colleges and University students through National e-sampark portal 2.0
18/07/2016 Sending cases of SC / OBC students under PMS for 2016-17
13/07/2016 For sending the OBC data for 2016-17 under PMS as per Notification issued
17/03/2016 Grant of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme
30/12/2015 Regarding applications of beneficiaries on Web Portal
15/06/2015 Scholarship Letter No 336 dated 12.06.2015
11/06/2015 Scholarship Letter No 333 dated 10.06.2015
01/06/2015 Scholarship Letter No. 319 dated 01.06.2015
27/05/2015 Scholarship Letter No 303 dated 27.05.2015
13/05/2015 PMS letter 13.05.2015
30/04/2015 100% seeding of beneficiaries data with bank accounts and Aadhar number under scholarship scheme with in the next three months
29/04/2015 Fee and other charges not to be charged from SC students
17/04/2015 Scholarship Letter
24/03/2015 Scholarship letter dated 24.03.2015
15/01/2015 Scholarship Letters - To Sanctioning Authorities
14/01/2015 regarding disbursing Scholarship to students under PMS Scheme
13/01/2015 Regarding Scholarship Portal of 2014-15
30/12/2014 Pay slip from employed parents under PMS Scheme
23/12/2014 Regarding online distribution of Scholarship to students under Welfare of OBC-De Notified Tribes Scheme for Year 2014-15
12/12/2014 Regarding registration of Students for Scholarship
27/11/2014 Sending info of beneficiaries of PMS after linking their Bank accounts with AADHAR Cards
21/11/2014 Linking of Bank accounts of beneficiaries with AADHAR Cards
30/10/2014 Regarding PMS scholarship
28/10/2014 Linking of Bank accounts with Aadhar Card of SC OBC Students
30/09/2014 Regarding Temporary Rejection
22/09/2014 Regarding sanction to scholarship Cases
19/09/2014 regarding minutes of meeting held on 29-05-14
12/09/2014 AICTE Courses Fee Structure OBC
21/08/2014 Regarding Courses not show on web portal
13/08/2014 Regarding the registration of student on web portal
12/08/2014 About PMSS to eligible SC Students 2013-14
01/08/2014 About not charging the fee from eligible SC Students
25/07/2014 Regarding meeting held on 01-07-2014 at 10 30 AM Welfare Deptt.
24/07/2014 Regarding fees not charge from SC Students
22/07/2014 Regarding double payment to SC Students of PMSS
14/07/2014 Regarding meeting held on 09-07-2014.
02/07/2014 Regarding remove Pendency from portal 2013-14
27/06/2014 Regarding minutes of meeting held on 29.05.2014
26/06/2014 04 Grant to SC Students studying in Medical & Engineering Colleges Scheme - for online disbursement from 2014-15
23/06/2014 D.O from Secy. Welfare Regarding difficulty SC Students
17/06/2014 instruction regarding implementation for scholarship 2014-15
12/06/2014 Regarding difficulties on web portal for the year 2014 -15
03/06/2014 regarding rejected cases by sanctioning Authorities on web portal for 2013-14
28/05/2014 About check website & E-mails
27/05/2014 regarding provide information
12/05/2014 Instruction regarding implementation for portal
09/05/2014 regarding implementation for portal
08/05/2014 Regarding updating the information on Scholarship web portal for year 2014-15
21/04/2014 About Manual Cases under PMS Scheme
16/04/2014 About remove Pendency on web portal under PMS Scheme for 2013-14
02/04/2014 About information update on web portal for year 2014-15
28/03/2014 Regarding Completing the Pendency on PMS Portal
24/03/2014 about Post Matric scholarship rejected & manual cases
21/03/2014 Regarding disbursing benefits under Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for 2013-14
19/03/2014 ABOUT INFORMATION PMS 2013-14
05/03/2014 Regarding correction in the data of Scholarship
20/02/2014 Minutes of meeting 19.02.2014 regarding PMS Portal
13/02/2014 Scholarship - Minutes of the meeting held on 22.01.14
13/02/2014 Regarding putting Maintenance Allowance to Zero while sending online applications on Webportal
31/01/2014 Regarding sending claims under Post Matric Scholarship Scheme of previous years of SC/OBC Students
30/01/2014 Regarding pendency of applications of Beneficiaries on Webportal
27/01/2014 Regarding Online PMS Schemes
23/01/2014 National Commission for Scheduled Castes
09/01/2014 Regarding applications of beneficiary Students on Webportal
26/12/2013 Webportal - mistakes in fee structure - All Sanctioning Authorities
05/12/2013 Regarding application of beneficiaries on Webportal
28/11/2013 PMS Letter - for sending UID based claims
14/11/2013 Regarding slow processing of applications at the level of Sanctioning Authorities
31/10/2013 Performa regarding Fees
30/10/2013 Regarding sending codes for Duplicate AICTE & Non - AICTE Institutes on Scholarship Web Portal
29/10/2013 Regarding solving the problems being faced on webportal
14/10/2013 List of AICTE Courses
11/10/2013 Regarding sending claims on web portal prepared by Welfare dept
07/10/2013 Regarding Master Trainers for Post Matric Scholarship webportal developed by NIC
27/09/2013 Minutes of Meeting held on 03.09.2013 under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Welfare regarding launching of Website-Portal-Ashirwad
19/09/2013 Regarding returning back the Certificates of SC pass-out students- All Engg and Polytechnic Colleges
02/09/2013 Regarding - Online disbursement of Scholarship- Under the Scheme of Welfare of other backward classes/ Denotified tribes for the year 2013-14
20/08/2013 Scholarship Scheme for Students with Disabilities 2013-14
14/08/2013 Minutes of the meeting held on 1.8.2013 regarding launching of website-Portal-Ashirwad
12/08/2013 Regarding sending of proposal- list for special financial assistance to Girl Students of SC category
06/08/2013 Implementation of Direct Cash Transfer (DCT) Scheme for the year 2012-13
29/07/2013 Minutes of the meeting held on 5-7-2013 regarding Website Portal Ashirwad
18/06/2013 Upward revision of the annual parental income ceiling under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarship for Scheduled Caste student w.e.f. academic session 2013:1 4.
14/06/2013 Training of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Portal- Letter
30/05/2013 List of Colleges for New Post Matric Scholarship Portal and List of Sanctioning Authority
28/05/2013 REMINDER -Aadhar Card for Post Matric Scholarship Scheme - All Engg Colleges - Letter No 79 dated 23.05.2013
10/05/2013 Implementation of Direct Cash Transfer (DCT) Scheme - PMS (All Polytechnic Colleges Letter No 1670-1842 dated 9.05.2013
25/04/2013 Regarding non-receipt of Admission fee and other charges from the Scheduled Castes students under Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme
25/04/2013 Implementation of Direct cash transfer (DCT) scheme
15/04/2013 All Engineering/Management/Pharmacy Colleges-Institute information required for Computerizationof Post Matric scholarship - 15.04.2013
11/04/2013 Institute information required for computerisation of Post Matric Scholarship - All Polytechnic Colleges-11.04.2013
28/02/2013 Regarding Post Matric Scholarship to SC/OBC Students for 2013-13 - All Engineering Colleges
06/02/2013 Regarding Making Aadhaar Crad for SC/OBC Students - All Engineering / Pharmacy / Management Colleges
24/01/2013 Scholarship letter No. 560-810 dated 24.01.13 (All Polytechnic & Engineering Colleges) - Regarding SC/OBC Scholarship Cases under PMS Scheme
23/01/2013 Scholarship letter No. 08-258 dated 23.01.13 (All Polytechnic & Engineering Colleges) - regarding sending Bank Account & IFSC Code of concerned Principal
10/01/2013 Regarding Claims under Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for students of SC / OBC categories for previous years